No freaking way.

Well, I have made it through one year of film school alive. Two films down, one to go. I didn't update during the process of creating my second film, which is about a big burly fireman who sleepwalks and makes pastries. We are onto our thesis films now, and will develop the script throughout this entire semester. Without saying too much, my thesis involves puppets. That's all you really need to know to be ensured that your face will be rocked off.

Oh! I have an IMDB page now because of my involvement with this past year's festival-bound thesis films. I know, I know, I'm a total dork. Still. Squee!

Oh, so I talked to my assistant dean today, and he said I'd be allowed to design three thesis films. I am excited!!!! So I'd just be directing and designing. That is the plan, anyway. I hate producing and am just not meant for cinematography. He kinda gave me shit for designing three, saying I should have specialized in production design. WRONG! I plan to get into directing through the art department. So there.

I know that wasn't too much of a life update, but film school is my life. Whenever I am off, I have been almost exclusively drinking, partying, and sleeping. Not as bad as my first semester, though. I was really hungover in production design class, and I was sitting with my head on my desk. My professor patted my head and said, "More sleeping, less partying!" Not so much anymore. Then again, that might just be because we have no more morning classes.... Ah well.

Living in the party house this year. Can't wait for Halloween. BLEH HEH HEH HEH HEH!!!!!!

Winter break

Christmas was awesome. I got a cell phone and a teapot. Trent got me maple syrup BONUS!!!!!!!!

This break has been awesome. I get to hang with family and friends and not think about film school for a while. On the other hand, it's been kind of a downer. I've been diagnosed with a mild form of asthma due to living in my moldy house in Tallahassee. I've also had joint pain for a couple of months. I asked a couple of my classmates if they were experiencing the same aches. Nope. It was getting pretty bad near the end of the production cycle; on the last set that I was on, I had a lot of trouble packing up the equipment at the end of the day. I just ignored it, assuming I was just being a pussbag.

Turns out that I have inflammatory arthritis.

Woooo-hoooooooo!!!!! Caused by the stress of film school. Isn't that weird? So I'm gonna start taking pills. Hopefully I'll be able to open doors and jars and stuff again soon. BAH.

Um.... I posted new artwork on my deviantart account. I think that's all the news I have.
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Film school, continued.

Thanksgiving break.

I'm loving film school. LOVING it. I've rotated through all 13 crew positions, and there hasn't really been one that I've absolutely hated. I think I was just lucky about which films I was in each position for. Maybe. Directing is by far my favorite, but I also enjoyed being the gaffer and key grip. I hate to admit it, but I also liked producing and being the first assistant director. Production design was pretty boring. I'd like it a lot more if I got to decide who's project I got to design. Which is a sign that I don't like the job itself. Hmmmm.

Cinematography. Where to begin. I didn't "get it" at first because it was a lot of math. After our first production cycle, I understand it a billion times better. And after watching what other people have done, I can see myself getting excited about it. I've liked lighting since I did it in animation, but I definitely have a long, long way to go.

My film is ready for editing. My dailies got a really good reaction from my classmates, so I'm hoping that it will play just as well when cut together. I cannot WAIT for the premiere. Even if most of the 30 films are about either:

1. Zombies
2. Girls masturbating
3. Necrophilia

I can't wait to see the finished product of the films that I worked on, and be totally surprised by the ones that I wasn't involved with at all.

Next semester we're going to be crewing the second years' thesis projects, so we don't get to make films again until summer. But at least we'll be directing our own scripts! YAAAAAAAAY! *waves arms like a Muppet*

I'm going to watch so many films over Christmas break. Gotta avoid another, "I've never seen Back to the Future," moment. Hahaha.

Film school: one month later

Been in Tallahassee for almost a month and a half now. Really doesn't feel like a big change in my life. Everything has happened so fast. Film school is awesome. Right now we're in classes; we don't start making movies until October 6th. So we're taking Cinematography, Directing, Producing, Screenwriting, Acting, Editing, Production Design, and Sound Design. We're in school from 9am to 10pm. Sweet!

I love all my classmates. I came to FSU because I knew I wouldn't be stuck with a bunch of pretentious "film school kids" for two years. I'm the youngest person in my class, and the only one with an animation background. Sometimes it's hard to relate to classmates because I've seen less live action movies, and because I have the least amount of life experience. But I'm doing really well in class, and my colleagues respect the work I've done so far. Twice now, I've been introduced with, "This is Kate. She's AWESOME." So that's really cool. I'm definitely the least cool kid in my class, so to be thought of as, "the one person in this room you need to get to know," is pretty mind blowing.

Trent got into Stetson! So he's only 4 hours away, in St. Pete. He came up to visit me once already.

Still in contact with Francois and Philippe at Croissant Gourmet (the pastry shop where I worked over the summer). They're having me fix little things on the website I made for them. They also want me to do more graphic design work. Why not? We're not making films yet, I have a little free time.

Chris, Danny, and Han are all living together in California. Michael and Brittany moved in next door to them. They seem to be having a great time. No one has a job yet, but it sounds like there are a lot of opportunities. Doesn't that sound cliche? I can't wait to get to Hollywood!

Tonight we're having a Back to the Future party, because I've never fucking seen that movie. I'm, what... 22? How did that happen? I guess I spent so much time this summer watching stuff like Casablanca, Shawshank, and Easy Rider, that I forgot about Back to the Future. I guess? Whatever. Lame excuse.


My summer

The way this summer is going, it could wind up being the most untoppable summer of my life thus far.

First, we went to Scotland and England. Because FSU is year-round for two years, my family took me on one last vacation--my dream vacation! It was an amazing experience filled with unintelligible Scots, castles, rock clubs, a Fratellis concert, and many, many pints.

When we got back, I continued to do freelance artwork. Marie went to look for a job. After applying to only five places one morning, she interviewed at a local bakery and got it! I was extremely envious. So I went out that afternoon to a French pastry shop on Park Avenue. A young chef came up to me and asked me a couple of questions in a heavy French accent, and we parted ways. The next day I got a barely intelligible voice message from Philippe telling me to come in for training!!! What?!

So I've been working there for about two weeks now. It's so awesome! Philippe and I don't understand each other at all. I basically talk nonstop, and he yells at me and throws stuff at me. It's good. Not to mention he is extremely vulgar and politically incorrect. Yes!!!!!

I need to find housing at FSU.
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Film school!!!!!!!!

Shit shit guys! I got into FSU! They have one of the top film schools in the US. I'm so excited AAAAHHHH

Boston University accepted me, but I declined.
Chapman University wants me for Production Design, so I prolly won't go there. Plus they are mad expensive.

So, starting this fall, don't expect to hear from me for two years. FSU's program is nonstop work (including summers), so I will pretty much drop off the face of the planet.

I applied for summer internships at Pixar and Disney, but let's face it: that is a good joke. I will most likely be working on an independent animated short with my classmates. I will try to work on The Carronade, seeing as I finally outlined the whole story. I will eventually make a portfolio website. I suppose I will pick up my video camera and try and get more practice making films. And speaking of films, I'll need to watch like a million before I get to FSU.

And then of course, I will be freelancing like a whore. Hopefully, in addition, I can get a 9-to-5 job for the summer. It'd be even better if it were somehow production related. The premier of our senior film is tonight, so I hope to get some local contacts from schmoozing there.

Oh yeah, Alexis tagged me:

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to.

1. Sleepwalker - The Wallflowers
2. Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games - Of Montreal
3. Pour Decisions - The Real McKenzies
4. You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon
5. Deadwood - Dirty Pretty Things
6. Positively 4th Street - Bob Dylan
7. Rag Doll - Aerosmith

I tag Marie. Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

How Athos Got His Equipment Without Effort

I went canoing with my friends yesterday afternoon. I was in that dingy for three hours, either racing Michael's canoe or paddling equally as hard to catch up to everyone else. Needless to say, when I got home I was tired. I ate two dinners, showered, changed into my PJs, and then passed out on the couch. Dad was blaring The Matrix on TV, so I never actually slept. I would raise my head and moan, "ice creeeeaaam," every once in a while, because even though I'd eaten a truckload, I was still hungry after the day's exertion. We had no ice cream in the house, and I wasn't about to change out of my jim-jams to go get some. So, "ice creeeaaam," about every fifteen minutes.

Then my aunt calls and says, "Brusters is giving out free ice cream to anyone who shows up in their pajamas today."

Yeah boy. So my mom and Marie pull on their nightshirts and we all pile into my aunt's minivan and go to Brusters. It was amazing. There were so many people in their pajamas standing around the shop, it looked like a loony bin field trip. And it wasn't just a free scoop of ice cream. They gave you a large waffle cone stuffed with a pint of ice cream. It was like an ice cream orgy! There was so much, so fast, and everyone was sharing and trading cones. A magical frozen dairy experience indeed.

So remember, people. March 1st is free ice cream at Brusters! I wish I'd known sooner, so I could actually invite people or plan something. Oh well! Mmmmmmm.
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Yyyyyeeeeaaaahh. Four months later?

I keep a journal of any outstanding or vivid dreams that I have. I've kept it since 2002. I usually make a post about every three to four weeks. So this is weird: I've made a post November 1st, December 1st, and now January 1st. It's usually very close to a month apart, but never spot on, and never for three months! I might have read somewhere it's got to do with my menstrual cycle.

Anyway, last night's dream had some very mature material, especially compared to the fantastical wanderings of my 10th grade mind. A lot of my dreams involve sex. What can I say? I am a sex-starved Catholic kid. Anyway, in this dream, I was a ballet dancer in my theater troupe. My stage manager (who looked like Denenthor from ROTK) had wanted my bod for some time. He caught me alone, and I was raped by the Stewart of Gondor. After that, Dream Me felt dirty and sad. I was very lethargic until I decided to tell one of my friends in the troupe, Mauricio. I discovered that Denenthor was terrified and paranoid of what I was telling people, and I decided to seek revenge. My mood turned from miserable to purposeful immediately. I've never felt a change of emotion so strongly before, and that intrigues me.

Just thought I would share. I'm still working on getting a website up, so it's not like I can post pictures or anything. Whatever!

School's been going well, I guess. Haven't been putting much thought into it, what with applying to film schools and all. That's been taking up the majority of my time. It's been a lot of work, but at least I have some crap thrown together in case I don't get in and apply for a job in animation instead. Whoopee!!

The Carronade is going to be the tits. I'm reworking the outline and doing m4d research. Also, it's going to have--get ready for this--A MESSAGE! "Whoa, no way," you are saying. "Kate cares about issues?" Well, I care about this one, and the fact is that you probably don't care what I want to say. So I won't talk about that anymore. Just know that when I finish this sucker, your mind will be so blown, it won't know what cheap paperback prostitute has blown it.

I hope.

Where are my high school buddies? Are Mike, Jeni, and Jennifer still going to college? Has Aaron graduated from NYU? We should have a reunion or something, I feel so out of touch.
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I think one of the reasons I'm not updating as frequently as I once did is that I can no longer post my artwork here. Without FrontPage, I have no access to, so I can really appreciate people's move to Blogspot. I myself use Facebook for posting photos and art.

Oh, well. I should be writing more, anyway.

School started. I'm a senior in Visual Language, and we're slowly but surely moving into production of our class film, Ladybug: Action Hero. I am the Art Director, in charge of the look of the film. Right now, I'm basically running around helping whoever needs help. Once I have my team of background artists, I can give tutorials on how to paint with the right brush, etc. I will have POWAH!!! ...I hope.

Today was Talk Like a Pirate Day. A bunch of us came dressed as pirates. Eunice was my wench. I got some hot sitting-on-knee action.

The Carronade Is coming along really well. Chapter 1 is pretty solid, and I've decided to dive into research before I begin on the other chapters. I thought researching would be drudgery, but it's actually fun... and almost addicting. O_O

Trent is in Albany. We correspond by snail mail, mostly. Chris thinks video chat is necessary to keep up a long-term relationship, so maybe we will try that too. I'm going to visit Trent with Marie in mid-October.

Speaking of the crying fat elephant, Marie is at UCF now. She never wants to come home and visit me. Probably because I call her a crying fat elephant. Boooooo.

Stevie is in Houston working for NASA. I am alone with the rents. We watch Eureka together. We also watch Northern Exposure and Arrested Development, which are mucho good. Dad has replaced Trent as my movie buddy. We have so far gone to see Superbad and Shoot 'Em Up together. I can't wait for Heroes and Lost to start again. Also, Across the Universe is going to rock!! And the Golden Compass will probably be good. I'm going to read that as soon as I finish The Lies of Locke Lamora.

Chris got a job at a haunted house at HHN! He's getting paid to yell at people. So we'll all be going to see him. Is anyone else working HHN?